At one point or another, we all find ourselves in exile. 

This is a place for writers who don't fit within the predetermined constructs of Christianity, politics and culture. This is a place for your stories, poems, and opinions. 

There used to a place for us, a place where we could be unapologetically ourselves and invite others to feel less alone. That place was called A Deeper Story. It ran daily content for four consecutive years, becoming one of the most-read Christian sites on the internet. It closed its doors in March of 2015. 

But throughout 2016, more and more people kept saying, "I feel so alone." More and more people kept saying, "Nobody listens to people like me." More and more people kept asking, "Where are the voices of people who don't fit the mold? Where are the voices of people who are in the margins?" 

And since the 2016 election, more and more people have asked, "Where's the voice of those who are resisting the hatred coming out of a Donald Trump presidency?"

Writers needed a place to come together, to feel less alone, to find collaboration and solidarity. 

So, Stories from Exile was born out of the same vein of A Deeper Story. This is a place that says, unequivocally, you have a voice and it is welcome here. Everyone is equal and everyone is valued.  

If this platform has any influence it all, we hope that it's used to amplify the voices of everyone who has ever felt discarded or unheard. Women, people of color, LGBTQ, disabled, single, religious minorities, immigrant, refugee, and every intersection found therein.  

Welcome to Exile. There's a lot of us here. Pull up a seat.